Welcome to my world! The world you have just entered is a pretty bland one. I work, play, and travel just like any person. I do have some uncommon interests and an occasionally warped perspective. This world has yet to reflect many of my eccentric qualities, however.

My full name is Yoo Chul Chung, and I am not a very talkative person. This is true for both my online and offline lives, which explains why I have not been a big fan of instant messaging or parties. I can’t help it, so if someone dies of boredom while talking to me, please don’t arrest me.

I maintain the blog Stochastic Scribbles, where I write about anything random that catches my fancy.

Ski trip to Killington

As part of the office ski trip, I went to Killington, Vermont last week. Except for losing my ski goggles, which was entirely my fault, it was great. I couldn't go with my wife, which was a bummer, but as the trip organizers so aptly put, there are a bunch of other office-sponsored events where family can participate, so I could hardly complain.

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It's 2014, and I haven't updated my blogs for almost a year now. Part of it was that all of my minor updates are being posted to Google+ rather than the blog, and part of it was laziness. I'm going to do some minor cleanup with the blogs and try writing to them a tad bit more frequently this year. (The operative word being "try".)

Anyway, my wife and I are still doing great in Manhattan, and we're hoping for some exciting events this year.

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