Starting with Google

Yesterday was my first day of work at Google in New York. I reached the Google offices for my orientation about an hour earlier than I was supposed to, but I loitered around the area for a couple dozens of seconds because of nervousness. There wasn't any real reason to be nervous, but I still get anxious whenever I start at a new place. It helped calm my nerves that my wife was with me while I was loitering, though.

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Leaving Midokura

It's been exactly a month since I've started working at Midokura, and I am already leaving the place. I'm not leaving because of a problem with me or Midokura; rather, it's because I got a job offer from Google, and after quite some thought, I've decided to change jobs. It feels pretty awkward because it's been such a short time since I just started a new job, but at least it was great while I was at Midokura.

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Useless "likes" in Google Reader

I use Google Reader to keep track of a lot of feeds, so I don't have to regularly visit hundreds of websites every day just to find that there has been no updates. I had switched over to the web-based feed reader because it makes it much easier to follow feeds from multiple computers, and I have been pretty happy with Google Reader so far.

Trying Google Friend Connect

I'm trying out Google Friend Connect on this website. I'm not quite sure what good it will be, and so far only a members gadget has been included in the left sidebar. Contrary to what "Join this site" or "Sign in" suggest, it does not actually let someone sign in to this website, which means that one needs to write in names and links as usual when commenting.

For now, Google Friend Connect is only useful for showing one's interest in this website through the members gadget (and who would be interested in my little personal website?). Perhaps one of these days there will be more to be gained from Google Friend Connect, although it may also be likely that I'll give up on it eventually.

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