The Madness of DreamHost Apps

DreamHost, the company I use for hosting many of my various websites, appears to have gone stark raving mad. They are giving away free hosting to one hundred willing guinea pigs, who can run WordPress, Drupal, Zenphoto, MediaWiki, phpBB, and/or Google Apps through the new DreamHost Apps program. Guinea pigs should bring along their own domain, though, as I do not think DreamHost is mad enough yet to provide free domains. Customization will also be rather limited as DreamHost Apps would not allow the installation of custom modules, plugins, or themes.

Existing DreamHost customers need not become guinea pigs, however, since DreamHost Apps is based on the same functionality that is already available to them in the form of easy one-click installs. As an existing DreamHost customer, should I run away from them as quickly as possible before they infect me with their madness? Nope, as their madness does not even compare to the my raging insanity: DreamHost should be running away from me!

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Just in case there are those who totally lack a sense of humor: I'm joking about all the madness. Or maybe I just suck at humor.