Useless "likes" in Google Reader

I use Google Reader to keep track of a lot of feeds, so I don't have to regularly visit hundreds of websites every day just to find that there has been no updates. I had switched over to the web-based feed reader because it makes it much easier to follow feeds from multiple computers, and I have been pretty happy with Google Reader so far.

Unfortunately, social features have recently been added to Google Reader. The features added are mostly ones that I don't care about, but this isn't the problem: those who want to use the features would be happy, and I would have no complaints if they didn't get in my way. It is just one particular feature that I dislike tremendously: displaying the number of people who liked a feed item.

I don't care how many people bothered to press a button or key to mark that they liked a particular feed item. It's not going to determine if I'm going to read it closely, skim it, or skip it entirely. Or anything else, for that matter. But Google Reader now displays how many people liked a particular feed item right at the beginning, which is totally useless information for me and distracts from the actual content. And there is not even an option to turn off the annoying thing.

I can only hope they get rid of this horrible feature soon ...


You'll end up seeing it sooner or later, unless you happen to subscribe to only the wrong feeds (or is it all the right feeds? :D ).