Back from Jeju

I'm back from Jeju along with the rest of the research group, having arrived back yesterday. Amazingly enough, I managed to survive the hike through Mount Halla without dying from dehydration. It's too bad that time constraints meant that we could not go up the trail that would reach the top of the mountain.

Cloudy trail

There were quite a few animals that I didn't expect to see at Mount Halla, among them a couple of roe deer and a whole lot of crows:

Deer Crow

We also went to the beach, but it was extremely windy when we arrived. And soon after, we found ourselves in the middle of lightning strikes which were quickly followed by a storm. No harm done except for getting very wet. Spending time at the beach being out of the question, we found ourselves spending some time at a teddy bear museum. Yes, I had no idea that there were such things as teddy bear museums ...

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