Reasons for not following tweets

Those who use Twitter all have different approaches to using it. I'm one of those people who only follow people whose tweets I'm interested in, but the following types of tweets tends to make me want to unfollow them. They are by no means ironclad rules, and a lot of people would have different philosophies in following Twitterers.

  • Many more retweets than original tweets.
    • I'm following someone because I'm interested in what they say.
    • If I were interested in retweets, I'd be following the source directly in the first place.
  • Purely notifications of blog posts.
    • That's what I have a feed reader for.
    • Twitter sucks as a faux feed reader, and notifications of blog posts just adds clutter.
  • Excessive link sharing with no original commentary.
    • I'm interested in original writing, even if the thought is not new.
    • There are better tools for sharing links.
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