Becoming a KMUG moderator

I have just become the master of the Chungcheong/Daejeon board for KMUG, the Korean Macintosh User Group. Now that I have this power, I'm on my way to world domination. Muhahaha!

Actually, "master" makes the position sound a lot more powerful than it is. I'm just going to be moderating posts made to the board, and more importantly, instigate monthly gatherings of Mac users living in the city of Daejeon and Chungcheong province. There isn't much power, and it won't be much work (hopefully). Although one thing that concerns me is how much thought I should give to members that live far from Daejeon: having a gathering in a city other than Daejeon could make things easier for them, but it would be harder for me and other members who do live in Daejeon.

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