Bungee jumping

I finally bungee jumped yesterday.

I have always had the strange urge to fall off when I'm around a great height. That's why when I'm somewhere like on the top of a high tower, the adrenaline comes not from a fear of heights, but from dealing with a small urge at the back of my mind to step off the ledge. Sounds like bungee jumping would just be the thing for me, and that is exactly what I seriously considered planning to do this year. (Yes, I probably should have tried it a long time ago.) Of course, thinking about how fun it would be to jump off from a great height when I'm safely on the ground is not the same as facing the imminent prospect of stepping off a ledge to plunge down at great speed, so I may have well chickened out if I were to actually try bungee jumping.

Well, I've finally tried bungee jumping from a 55-meter jumping tower near the dock to Nami Island. Unsurprisingly, it was mentally much harder than I expected to step off the ledge. In fact, I could easily imagine myself having backed out. But I didn't back out, and I managed to nonchalantly step off the ledge, although I couldn't quite bring myself to jump away as was recommended for safety reasons. And the plunge downwards was a very exhilarating moment of my life. I also have video of my jump as taken by my girlfriend; the jump certainly felt much longer than what it seems on the video. You might notice how I hid my face behind my hands after the bounce, but that's a safety measure in case the bungee cord whiplashed against my face. It was not because of some instinctive fright, which I wondered about when I saw other jumpers do the same thing while I was waiting on the ground.

Now that I have actually bungee jumped, I know now that I really do want to do it again. Maybe I should be worried that I'll want to jump off higher and higher heights to the point that I want to jump out an airplane ...

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hope you could help me with some questions regarding the bungee jump as i am going there in april. the website for the bungee jump is in Korean language, so i can't understand. may i know what is the price per person, what is the opening hours and the best time/day to go?

thank you so much for your help!

It's 40,000 won per person (if you make a reservation beforehand for a morning schedule, you could pay 25,000 won per person), and the hours are 9AM to 5PM. I went there during the morning, and the line didn't seem too bad, but I don't really know when would be the best time to go. I'd suspect the lines could get pretty bad in the afternoon, though.

Hope this helps.