To Innsbruck, Austria

I'll be heading to Innsbruck, Austria next week for a conference presentation. The city appears to be a well-known skiing region, amongst other things, so it might be a waste not to ski at least once when I'm there. Maybe I'll ski after all the conference sessions are over in the afternoon or evening on the last day I'm there. Or maybe I'll just take a walk through the streets because I'll feel too tired or too cheap to do anything else. The one thing I am sure of is that I'm taking my camera with me.

But even after I get back from Austria, there's no rest for me, since I'll have to hop around the US from west coast to east coast on a fact-finding mission right on the very next week. I should probably take full advantage of the lull times while in transit, lest I drop dead with exhaustion.

I would not be entirely honest if I didn't admit to feeling like it's a bit of vacation, though, since at the very least I'll be flying in the air ...

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