Autographed edition of Bursts

I had gone to the Seoul Digital Forum this week. Given that I was part of the audience during a couple of the sessions that were broadcast live on the television station SBS, there is a negligible chance that my face appeared in the broadcast, but that isn't the exciting part.

While I have many authors that I admire, I'm not usually the sort to chase book signing events. However, there were a bunch of book signings scheduled for the forum, and considering that I was going to the event anyway, I couldn't resist getting a book signed by Albert-László Barabási, a well-known scientist who is frequently cited in my field of research. Of course, to get his book signed, I first needed to actually get the book, so I hurriedly ordered a copy of Bursts from Amazon. And personally, it feels weird to get a book signed which I haven't even read, which meant a rapid read through the book in a few days. That took up all my spare time, considering it wouldn't be proper if I just skimmed it through.

And voilà! I am now a proud owner of an autographed edition of Bursts:

Bursts Bursts autograph
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