Starting work at Midokura

I have just started work in my new job as a Senior Engineer at the startup Midokura, which focuses on providing software that can be used to build cloud computing infrastructure in data centers. While its headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan, the office I will be working at is in San Francisco.

However, since I will be moving between countries, anyway, I am staying in Tokyo for a month to get to know the people there and to get used to what is being done. I just arrived in the country at Haneda Airport yesterday, and today was the first day of work at Midokura. They're providing a place to stay for me while I'm in Japan, and although I had a bit of trouble finding the apartment yesterday, I fortunately had no trouble finding the building where Midokura has its offices today.

It's still going to take some time for me to get used to things and get a sense of what is going on and what I can do, but I have a good feeling about everyone, and I have found something to do that might turn out to be useful. Whether it pans out or not, at least I'm not going to be twiddling my thumbs with no idea of what to do.

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