Starting with Google

Yesterday was my first day of work at Google in New York. I reached the Google offices for my orientation about an hour earlier than I was supposed to, but I loitered around the area for a couple dozens of seconds because of nervousness. There wasn't any real reason to be nervous, but I still get anxious whenever I start at a new place. It helped calm my nerves that my wife was with me while I was loitering, though.

Orientation was mostly comprised of introductions and paperwork. I can't go into details for obvious reasons, but by mid-afternoon, I was exhausted. It did not help that I had just flew in from Korea a couple of days earlier, so I was and am still suffering from jet lag. I probably should have also eaten more during lunch: fearing a lack of control when gathering Google's famous free and great food for lunch, I may have not had as filling a lunch as I should have had to.

Today, after I get some more sleep subsequent to myself writing this post, having woke up in the middle of the night due to my still unadjusted sleep cycles, I'll be taking a few of the many classes that I'll be attending during my starting period and beyond. Hopefully, my energy levels will last a bit longer than they did yesterday.

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