Hurricane Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy bears down on us, we've stocked up on food and water. We were obviously not the only people who thought to do so, and our local groceries store was the most crowded we've ever seen, not to mention having the longest line we've encountered there. The cashiers are remarkably efficient, however, so we didn't wait as long as we thought we would.

The city is being pretty cautious, and they have shut down mass transit yesterday 7PM to discourage people from going to work while the hurricane is incoming, and we're uncertain when they'll operate again. Even work has strongly recommended people to work from home, so no free food for me even if I do hazard the wind and rain! (For the record, I'm not planning to.)

Fortunately, we're not in an area at high risk, so yesterday was more of an amusing experience than a scary one. With any luck, it will remain being a merely amusing anecdote. It has got to be terrifying for people living at high risk areas lying low right next to water, though.

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