Welcome to my world! The world you have just entered is a pretty bland one. I work, play, and travel just like any person. I do have some uncommon interests and an occasionally warped perspective. This world has yet to reflect many of my eccentric qualities, however.

My full name is Yoo Chul Chung, and I am not a very talkative person. This is true for both my online and offline lives, which explains why I have not been a big fan of instant messaging or parties. I can’t help it, so if someone dies of boredom while talking to me, please don’t arrest me.

I maintain the blog Stochastic Scribbles, where I write about anything random that catches my fancy.


I don't usually talk about my really private stuff in public, but this is a major event that seems to deserve an announcement of sorts, even though I won't divulge any details: I'm engaged.

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Back from Innsbruck

I'm back from Innsbruck, Austria, where I had a great time. The experience was certainly much better than I expected, considering I spent almost no time in planning any sightseeing because I was more preoccupied with preparing for the conference. I do feel the need to say this: even if you don't know how to ski, you definitely want to pay a visit to one of the ski resorts and take a lift up to a peak, where you will have your breath taken away by the sights.

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To Innsbruck, Austria

I'll be heading to Innsbruck, Austria next week for a conference presentation. The city appears to be a well-known skiing region, amongst other things, so it might be a waste not to ski at least once when I'm there. Maybe I'll ski after all the conference sessions are over in the afternoon or evening on the last day I'm there. Or maybe I'll just take a walk through the streets because I'll feel too tired or too cheap to do anything else. The one thing I am sure of is that I'm taking my camera with me.

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I have just graduated from KAIST as a Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science. As I expect would be typical for graduation ceremonies, today's graduation ceremony at KAIST's newly built sports complex was a crowdy affair.


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