Cleaning hands because of the flu

The H1N1 pandemic has been sort of an abstract event for me. While things like washing hands are being promoted because of the pandemic, they're the sort of things you should be doing anyways. But the H1N1 flu has changed something in my environment: soon after confirmed cases have appeared at KAIST, I noticed a hand dispenser that was not there suddenly appearing ...

Hand dispenser
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My school, the Information and Communications University, had merged this month into a subdivision of another university, KAIST, as the IT Convergence Campus, or ICC for short. It just feels so unnatural that ICC is an abbreviation of a name that already includes an abbreviation. Obviously the powers that be have long forgotten that IT is an abbrevation for information technology ...

As part of the merger, there is a whole lot of paperwork that has to be submitted online, which sucks since it means having to use a bunch of ActiveX-ridden and security weakening websites, not to mention having to find a way to print out document formats that I normally have no way of reading. At least the original KAIST websites I needed to access didn't have as much problem in this regard.

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