Welcome to my world! The world you have just entered is a pretty bland one. I work, play, and travel just like any person. I do have some uncommon interests and an occasionally warped perspective. This world has yet to reflect many of my eccentric qualities, however.

My full name is Yoo Chul Chung, and I am not a very talkative person. This is true for both my online and offline lives, which explains why I have not been a big fan of instant messaging or parties. I can’t help it, so if someone dies of boredom while talking to me, please don’t arrest me.

I maintain the blog Stochastic Scribbles, where I write about anything random that catches my fancy.

Starting with Google

Yesterday was my first day of work at Google in New York. I reached the Google offices for my orientation about an hour earlier than I was supposed to, but I loitered around the area for a couple dozens of seconds because of nervousness. There wasn't any real reason to be nervous, but I still get anxious whenever I start at a new place. It helped calm my nerves that my wife was with me while I was loitering, though.

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Leaving Midokura

It's been exactly a month since I've started working at Midokura, and I am already leaving the place. I'm not leaving because of a problem with me or Midokura; rather, it's because I got a job offer from Google, and after quite some thought, I've decided to change jobs. It feels pretty awkward because it's been such a short time since I just started a new job, but at least it was great while I was at Midokura.

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