Welcome to my world! The world you have just entered is a pretty bland one. I work, play, and travel just like any person. I do have some uncommon interests and an occasionally warped perspective. This world has yet to reflect many of my eccentric qualities, however.

My full name is Yoo Chul Chung, and I am not a very talkative person. This is true for both my online and offline lives, which explains why I have not been a big fan of instant messaging or parties. I can’t help it, so if someone dies of boredom while talking to me, please don’t arrest me.

I maintain the blog Stochastic Scribbles, where I write about anything random that catches my fancy.

Becoming a postdoc

I appear to have "officially" have received my Ph.D. as viewed by the school bureaucracy, even though I have yet to receive my diploma on the 26th at my graduation. The only way this manifests is that my keycard has been locked out from the school doors, which can suck when I need to get to school on odd hours. It's just an annoyance that I will have to put up until I completely move my stuff out of the school. Anyway, since I have my doctorate, I also need to be working at someplace new starting in March.

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Got an iPhone

As a foreign resident living in Korea, getting a cell phone can be quite a pain. But with the iPhone finally having arrived in Korea a little over a month ago, I've decided to get one despite the hassle. I got mine at the Frisbee shop in Daejeon, where they were quite helpful despite the hassle due to my being a foreigner. I'm glad that I didn't have to live through a horror story as some others seem to have suffered.

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