My name is Yoo Chung. I am a Korean-American who grew up in California and Korea. Today, I work as a software engineer in New York for Google.

I have an ongoing interest in the physical sciences, so I try to keep a layman’s eye on the current state of physics and astronomy. Occasionally I try to delve into the more technical side, but lack of time prevents me from going in very deeply. Still, these fields will always fascinate me.

I have an easier job keeping up with computer science. Not so surprising considering that I actually work in the field. A lot of my work is focused on distributed systems. I also keep my eye on the more theoretical aspects of computer science.

A lot of my free time used to be spent watching anime. In fact, over the years I’ve watched enough anime that I am now capable of speaking and understanding a decent amount of Japanese despite having no formal training in the language. Don’t expect me to start writing sophisticated Japanese literature any time soon, though.

I am not religious. The reason is simply that I have not been exposed to any convincing evidence that any particular religion is true. While I have seen many so-called “proofs” that a certain religion is true, they’re of such poor quality that I’d have to accept evidence for any other religion in existence, which is rather absurd. My knowledge of multiple religions throughout the world and an adverse reaction to special pleading steers me towards atheism.