RISC-V Registers

Integer registers

General purpose

Register ABI name Convention Saver
x0 zero Hard-wired zero
x1 ra Return address caller
x2 sp Stack pointer caller
x3 gp Global pointer
x4 tp Thread pointer
x5 t0 Temporary or alternate link register caller
x6 t1 Temporary caller
x7 t2 Temporary caller
x8 s0/fp Saved register or frame pointer callee
x9 s1 Saved register callee
x10 a0 Function argument or return value caller
x11 a1 Function argument or return value caller
x12 a2 Function argument caller
x13 a3 Function argument caller
x14 a4 Function argument caller
x15 a5 Function argument caller
x16 a6 Function argument caller
x17 a7 Function argument caller
x18 s2 Saved register callee
x19 s3 Saved register callee
x20 s4 Saved register callee
x21 s5 Saved register callee
x22 s6 Saved register callee
x23 s7 Saved register callee
x24 s8 Saved register callee
x25 s9 Saved register callee
x26 s10 Saved register callee
x27 s11 Saved register callee
x28 t3 Temporary caller
x29 t4 Temporary caller
x30 t5 Temporary caller
x31 t6 Temporary caller

Standard calling convention

Hardware may treat these specially for better performance.

Holds return address for the call
Stack pointer
Alternate link register

The optional compressed instruction format depends on these conventions for x1 and x2.


Writes to x0 are always discarded, and reads from x0 always returns 0.

Special purpose

Program counter

See also


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