Stylesheet playground

This is a page for experimenting with various changes to the stylesheets used by this web site. It has no meaningful content.

I would like to start on this page.

This is me saying something.

Level two heading

And another thing.

Level three heading

And yet another thing.

Level four heading

So many things to talk about.

Level five heading

But everything that has been talked about is rather trivial.

Level six heading

We really need to talk about something more interesting.


This is a plain list.

  • First item.

  • Second item.

  • Third item.

  • Fourth item.

    • First nested item.
    • Second nested item.
      • First nested nested item.
      • Second nested nested item.
      • Third nested nested item.
    • Third nested item.
  • Fifth item.

  • This list item has more than one paragraph.

    See? I am another paragraph!

  • Seventh item.

  • Another item with more than one paragraph!

    It’s true.

    • It also has a nested list item.

      This also happens to have more than one paragraph.

  • Ninth item.

That was a long list.

Definition lists

This is a definition list.

Something to define.
another thing
Yet another thing to define.
yet another thing

See a pattern here?

It could be a mirage.

This paragraph is not a definition list.


This is an SVG image.

SVG image

This is the same image, but keeps the same colors regardless of whether the device is in light or dark mode.

SVG image which keeps colors

This is an image in PNG format. It should also maintain the same colors despite the preferred color scheme.

PNG image


Let’s see if we can do bibliographic references. I like the RISC-V instruction set manual [1].


Andrew Waterman and Krste Asanović (Eds.). 2019. The RISC-V instruction set manual, volume I: User-level ISA, document version 20191213. RISC-V Foundation. Document Version 20191213